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All is revealed in the final chapter of the blockbuster 20th Century Boys trilogy! Director Tsutsumi Yukihiko's bravado effort to release three films in one year based on Urasawa Naoki's acclaimed manga has brought to life an epic doomsday thriller that spans multiple generations and genres, and bites into conspiracy theory, pop culture nostalgia, and spectacular special effects. In the trilogy's must-see Last Chapter, the all-star cast return for the final showdown between the resistance fighters and the fanatical cult leader out to end the world!

The Last Chapter of 20th Century Boys is now available with English Subtitles on Hong Kong Version DVD at YesAsia.com. You can also get the Japan Version DVD or Blu-ray with special features. Haven't seen the first two chapters yet? Get the complete trilogy and make it a marathon!

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Ho Sau San

TVB sent Ho Sau San, Jessica Hester Hsuan, Kate Tsui, and Sandy Lau on a globetrotting archeological expedition across Africa, Malaysia and China for its 42nd Anniversary documentary series that traces the history, culture, and development of early human beings.
Park Chan Wook | Song Kang Ho

The 3-Disc Korea Limited Edition of Old Boy director Park Chan Wook's acclaimed vampire movie comes with both the Original and Extended Cut versions of the film, plus a Bonus Disc containing making of and special featurettes.

Condor in September
Damian Lau | Ngai Chau Wah | Chan Fuk Sang | Amy Yip
Hi My Sweetheart
Rainie Yang | Show Luo | Lee Wei | Maggie Wu
Jay Chou | Tang Yan | Devon Song | Chan Yu Hao

Kiss Me, Kill Me
Shin Hyun Jun | Kang Hye Jung | Park Cheol Min | Yang Jong Hyun
The Sword With No Name
Soo Ae | Cho Seung Woo | Kim Yong Kyun | Cheon Ho Jin
Good Morning President
Jang Dong Gun | Lee Soon Jae | Ko Doo Sim | Lim Ha Ryong

Hottest Japanese Videos Hottest Western Videos
Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl - Blood Stained Edition
Tomomatsu Naoyuki | Nishimura Yoshihiro

The makers of Tokyo Gore Police and Zombie Self-Defense Force team up for this angry, angsty high school catfight showered in blood and madness. Prepare for bizarre parodies, grafted body parts, and blood geysers galore as 2 sexy, undead schoolgirls fight over one guy!
Woody Harrelson | John Cusack

The director of The Day After Tomorrow destroys the world once again in his allegedly final mega-disaster spectacle 2012, which throws his stars including John Cusack, Amanda Peet, Thandie Newton, and Woody Harrelson into a world on the verge of apocalyptic destruction in the very near future.

A Thousand Year Song of Baobab
Motohashi Seiichi |
The Shock Labyrinth - 3D Premium Edition
Shimizu Takashi | Maeda Ai
JNN 50th Anniversary Special Drama - Tengoku de Kimi ni Aetara
Ninomiya Kazunari | Yusuke Santamaria
Where the Wild Things Are
Keener Catherine | Mark Ruffalo
Miyazaki Hayao | Suzuki Toshio
Julie & Julia
Meryl Streep | Amy Adams
The Terrifying Traditions of Thai Horror

Given that Thailand is a country with a widespread belief in spirits and the supernatural, it should come as no surprise that it also has a long and rich history of horror cinema which stretches back through the decades. [full text]
New Reviews
72 Tenants of Prosperity
Bodyguards and Assassins
Painted Skin

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  Hottest Korean Music Hottest Japanese Music Hottest Chinese Music  
Beast 2nd Mini Album ? Shock Of The New Era

Super rookies BEAST send out new shock waves with their second mini-album! Comes with five new tracks including the rocktronic single Shock, produced by the makers of BEAST's previous hits "Bad Girl" and Mystery.

Arashi's first single of 2010, eighties-style power pop number Troublemaker is the theme song of Sakurai Sho's TV drama Tokujo Kabachi!!. Coupled with Yurase, Ima wo, NTV's theme for the 2010 Winter Olympics.
Lo Adason | Asian Millionstar
Asian Millionstar

The Hong Kong version of Taiwan's popular talent search program One Million Star was launched on ATV in July 2009. This compilation album from the show features 10 original songs marking the recording debut of winner Adason Lo, finalist Kang Shuaike, and other members of the Millionstar family.

T-ara Vol. 1 - Breaking Heart
Seo Tai Ji
Seo Tai Ji - The Great 2008 Seotaiji Symphony
Jeremy Best Album - The Very Best of Jeremy
V.O.S Best Album - This is Voice Of Soul
Wonderful Wonderholic
Vivian Hsu
Beautiful Day
BoA THE LIVE 2009 X'mas
DNA World Tour In Live
Khalil Fong
Timeless Live In Hong Kong 2009
Hong Kong Various Artists | Kay Tse
Uni-Power Live Karaoke
Taiwan Various Artists | Jay Chou
Wedding Songs Collections
More Korean Music More Japanese Music More Chinese Music
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Espgaluda II Black Label
Mugen no Frontier EXCEED Super Robot Taisen OG Saga
La Corda d'oro 3
Nendoroid : K-ON! Nakano Azusa
Nendoroid : K-ON! Kotobuki Tsumugi
Nendoroid : Play Set 03 Bunkasai Set A
Big Bang - 2010 Big Show Concert Goods - Pamphlet
KAT-TUN 2010 Calendar
Joey Yung Perfect 10 Live 2009 Special Version Poster
Acer NeoTouch
Sony HDR-CX150 16GB Full HD Memory Stick Handycam
Nokia X6
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